7zip encryption messed up system, am I safe?

gave wrong command to damn 7z (7z a flename -p) and the thing started to encrypt my whole system, it was echoeing the encrption of tor files and what not. I was able to realize smth was wrong and sent a break signal with ctrl c, but I dont know if that reverts anythong back or if important tor files and config files are now messed up without me knowing.

Should I remove the images and add the images/run installer again for a fresh start? Or am I wrongfully worried about that halfway encryption messing anything up.

General computer security question.

Same as if this is happening on Debian. Can be resolved as per:

I mean debian does not have special tor files and whonix configs, that is why its important for me to ask here. But maybe a solution is to just add another workstation and use that since I am on virtualbox anyway

In this context, there is nothing very special about it.

thnx, I removed it BUT: do I need to remove “installer-dist-download” before running the installer again?

No need.

thnx, but I did XD

No problem.