4g mobile internet only gives ipv6 address so no internet route for kvm. How to solve?

I looked in the wiki for mentions of ipv6. I quickly found a mention of mobile internet but was quickly disappointed to read they only mention cases where you have ip4 and ipv6. No mention of only being issued an ipv6 address. They just say don’t use ipv6.

Before learning this I thought it would simply be a case of copying the routing/networks from ipv4 to ipv6 however I then read that ipv6 is discouraged with whonix and tor in general due to lack of uptake and general security problems.

That was from around 2020 times and before though and I read something more recently, from Jan this year I believe stating, I think from tor project itself, that ipv6 is going to become the default soon going forward.

Does this mean the security issues are no longer a problem? It seemed from their stats the amount of ipv6 gates or whatever they are called - not very knowledgeable on the tor stuff - has increased to something like 40+%.

So either: is it ok to set the bridges routing to ipv6 now OR is there a way to be able to still be able to connect to the internet with some networking trickery even though the modem only gives ipv6?

I read up on the modem side and it seems you don’t have a choice with what they give you. No way to change settings or such to force ip4, you just get what you are given.

So any way around this hurdle?

No. Not until add IPv6 support gets implemented.

There is no ETA (estimated time of arrival).