2019 Google Summer of Code

Google Summer of Code 2019 has been announced. It can be a great opportunity to make Whonix even better!

Previously Whonix has been trying to get a slot from the Tor project or from Qubes OS, but also note that Whonix can apply as an individual project as well.

Some of the important timeline of GSoC19:

Date Event
November 13 Program announced
January 15 20:00 UTC Mentoring organizations can begin submitting applications to Google
February 6 20:00 UTC Mentoring organization application deadline
February 6 - February 25 Google program administrators review organization applications
February 26 12:00 UTC List of accepted mentoring organizations published
February 26 - March 25 Potential student participants discuss application ideas with mentoring organizations
March 25 18:00 UTC Student application period begins
April 9 18:00 UTC Student application deadline
May 6 18:00 UTC Accepted student proposals announced

The first TODO for us is to write an organization application and submit it: :slight_smile:

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