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2 Questions? There were 2 levels of support but how much & VOIP

1)So there are 2 support options. But it says pick an appropriate amount I believe. so, I just select whatever option I want to pay? Then that is $100 every 30 days, right? That is the first question. Am I misunderstanding? Is something not fully loading - how much do I pay.

  1. whonix — /wiki/VoIP Up until about 40 minutes ago, until I read that. I thought myself and another person would somehow use whonix and skype to make fairly secure video calls. I have personally been hacked twice over many years. Paypal/Bank. Both times money was returned and I was told to not ask more questions, just take the money be happy. They did not allow me to ask if I did anything wrong or should do anything better. Refunded, helped me. Then told me keep using our stuff, bye… Since them I use TOR. It might be coincidental. But I’ve had no more issues.

After a bit of reading. It seems it will either be impossible to make video calls using a TOR/Whonix or rock the boat. It feels like it might ‘violate’ terms of service or “expected use” policies. If I use it for video it takes up too many resources. I’d be happy to pay for premium support here and on tor(It does not exist there I know) but donate there… However, I still think I would be told: "It is not possible. Or “we can’t really help you”.
– Low Quality with occasional poor is not great but tolerable. Upper Low/Medium
– Short Duration and Frequency 1 60 minute call once a month

Am I correct in above statements? Is there anything I can do, I tried to dig on my own for a little on my own. also still curious about whonix support costs. I am sure I will need it for other things.

VoIP: Feel free to play with it. Please report in related (possibly existing) forum threads if connections succeeded and how it went voice quality and latency wise. However, it is what it is due to technical limitations. VoIP support isn’t something that can be made better through purchase of support.

I can only speculate. Can be due to something that you did wrong you wouldn’t do if you had the knowledge. Some sorts of such abuse can also happen without anything done wrong on your side.

In any case, you could check out the following wiki pages which should be pretty much on topic.

(Whonix is based on Kicksecure.)

Thank you for your consideration of not overloading the network. However, I don’t see any reason to avoid experimenting with VoIP or video chats over Tor. I am not aware of any expressed wishes from people from Tor that people should abstain from VoIP / video chat for purposes of not overloading the network.

The only related subject that violate “expected use policies” - which is however not the case here - is this:
Filesharing and Torrenting chapter The Tor Project Opinion in Whonix wiki

So feel free to test VoIP / video chat over Tor.