100gig sparse problems. No space left

I ran out of space today inside my workstation and my bitcoin core shutdown. How does one enable more than 100gig storage on the workstation HDD.

My host machine has over 700gig free so I would like to add another 200-300 gig to my Workstation, is this possible?

Anyone have an idea? If not is it possible to reinstall whonix from fresh and specify that way to use 300gig at the start instead of 100?

Basic knowledge:

KVM ( Whonix ™ for KVM ) instructions also include documentation on “sparse files”. (valid search term within that page) It is suggesting cp --sparse etc.

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I’m assuming @Temple is asking how to increase the assigned memory of a KVM image. Should be doable by using the following command:

qemu-img resize vmdisk.img +1G

The 1G is to be replaced with the amount of memory you’d like to add in gigabyte.

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Hi again sorry English is not my fist language so I hope that you get my meaning.

I’m actually trying to increase the storage space my bitcoin core setup has taken 93 gig of the initial 100 gig and it will no longer download any more of the blockchain due to lack of space.

I want to increase that hdd space to 200 or 300 gig, I saw the link Patrick posted earlier but it does not give any examples of how it’s possible to do what I’m asking. My host machine has 1tb free and I am only using Whonix GW & WS on this host so there is plenty of free space left.

@Ego would that method you posted work increasing space and not just memory?

Okay, @Temple. Then please disregard my reply as I was answering a different question.

We do not have this documented here. Documentation would belong here btw:
Virtual Hard Disk Size Increase

The generic answer is “same as with any (KVM) (Debian using) vmdisk.img”. qemu-img mentioned by @Ego may be one part, however also within the operating system you would have to update the partition table / repartition to make actually use the newly gained free space.

From Virtual Hard Disk Size Increase read from:

(10) Until now we have only grew the physical size, we haven’t changed the filesystem. Shut down again.

Not the most simple task until we get this documented.

Depending on your task you might also get your task done by using a bitcoin thin client such as electrum.

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Btw also regard:

Thank you Patrick this is indeed what I was after, looks a little complex but I’m sure I can work around it.

Thank you

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Ok so I’ve changed the file size outside the vm to 200 gig, now I need to use gparted to change it inside the vm, I need to get Whonix workstation to bootup via a cd.

So would I just edit Virsh Whonix-Workstation and change the boot to cdrom and link it to the gparted.iso so it will boot up with gparted to change the internal disc space? Or is it going to be more complex than that?

This might be a bit easier… Likely possible using virt-manager (the
KVM gui).

Just an update, I hope this worked it seems to have worked, I logged into my Whonix Workstation and ran the command apt-get install gparted, installed it and then ran the program, I saw my used 100gig and the spare 100gig, I combined them together and restarted the machine.

It’s now showing as /dev/vda1 (locked) ext4 200.00gig used 94.64 unused 105.37

Yes, looks like that worked.

Usual recommendation to make backups applies.
( Computer Security Education - Whonix )

Thanks @Ego and @Patrick. I’ve added the instructions.

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