1 gateway 2 workstatons 2 hidden services

If one was to run a single gateway and two separate workstations is it easy to set up two hidden services with one on each workstation.

On the gateway I would edit


HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/HiddenService
HiddenServicePort 80

So I assume to point to workstation 2 hidden service I would add the following to /etc/tor/torrc also

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/HiddenService
HiddenServicePort 80

Is this correct? How would I find out the second hidden service name?

It’s possible. A Tor, not Whonix feature.

You cannot use that line twice. You need to change HiddenService to something else. The dir name is free choice (just use sane folder names). (I personally prefer to avoid spaces, special chars, upper case, too long names, but more specific file naming rules are the same for any Linux.)

Not worked for me I even tried use different ports and open it on whonix firewall but still not working, im only able to run 1 service. Any idea?

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