Your Discourse installation is out of date

why we are not upgrading discourse ?

Installed version:- v1.5.0.beta6 +198

Latest version:- 1.5.0.beta8

No need as long as there are no security issues fixed. It all adds up
work if something breaks.

yeah i c , but u know for sure performance & sever problems been solved for sure (doesnt need to be security).

We’re not experiencing issues of any kind at the moment.

yeah true , the idea that i wrote this subject because i was afraid from this:-

if we leave the update/upgrade of things to late time, it might causes more damage (if any) than if we do at the first moment of any upgrade exist.

for e.g:-

  • upgrading version A to version B = 0 to 1 expected damage or work load

  • upgrading version B to version C = 0 to 1 expected damage or work load

  • but upgrading version A to version E or F = 3 to 10 expected damage or work load.

it might be that im over thinking the situation here but just trying to reduce the load of work for later times. (because the more time is passing , the more ppl r getting involved with whonix = increase the total or overall work-load).

and sure it might be that im getting it all wrong from the beginning.

I can tell you from experience, that the current approach generates
least overhead.

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