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First I’d like to thank all developers who dedicate their time to create software designed for paranoids.
Now let’s get to business.

My desktop doesn’t detect all my CPU cores and it looks like it is spectre and meltdown mitigations to blame.
What kernel parameters do I have to remove to stop it? I don’t mind having parameters which don’t significantly
affect my PC performance.

How much is kicksecure dependent on existing debian system? More precisely, can I disable some debian systemd
services without impact on Kicksecure components?

Do you know the way to disable annoying “Volume X not found” after PC startup when it asks your hard drive decryption password?
I speculate that you already know it anyway I want to emphasize Debian default installer partitions your hard drive very bad.
It creates one small partition I didn’t configure during installation and it assigns the number to the LUKS partition in wrong order.

Are LKRG and hardened kernel ready to use for Kicksecure users? I can see them in my repository but the wiki page says they will be included only
in future kicksecure versions

Hello and welcome to the forums!

Untested Tuning Steps

Not more than necessary.
This is a very complex question with wide interpretation possibilities. I am not sure a general answer is possible.

Define ready.

If it’s not installed by default yet, then it’s not “perfect” yet. If it was considered “very much unlikely of causing trouble” it would be installed by default already.

This is really hard to quantify.

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