wtf is this? fbrowser bug

Use the whonix like 2 years and allways was ok but yesterday my firefox was lagged. On some sites, such as payment systems, it refuses to run scripts. I mean, the page is working, the browser is working, but the buttons on the site itself are inactive and nothing reagruet. On opera everything works.

i created the new profiles (ALL CLEAR) and that shit come again. What is this can be? Who can block the site scripts on CLEAR profile firefox ESR?

I’m writing here, since the support of payment systems is stupid and tell only clear cashe.

  1. Tor Browser is the safe and recommended way to browse.

  2. We don’t modify FireFox in any way and if you run into problems please take it up with Mozilla.

  3. Opera is closed source - even worse for security besides leaking privacy like a sieve.

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