Workstation KDE error

Very often when If I boot Gateway and then boot Workstation, in Workstation I see only the mouse and black screen. If I logout and log in again it helps sometimes, sometimes not.
If I boot only the Workstation it’s okay and I see desktop.
How to fix this ?

Hi Namis

This could be a RAM issue. Use rads to lower your RAM in your VMs and see if that helps. Keep RAM over 512 MB for desktop environment. Also shutdown all not vital processes on your host to free up RAM.


I’m using 8GB RAM for Workstation. Should I lower it to 4GB ?
In 100% cases desktop environment is starting and never console one. But desktop environment starts and I see only mouse and black screen. No desktop image, no start panel and no desktop icons.

No, more RAM is usually better. But in case you would have had a low overall amount of RAM in your PC you could have decreased the RAM for the gateway while increasing the one for the workstation. But you seem to have plenty of RAM so nevermind. Sometimes the DE needs a while to come up, you could maybe try to take a look into the logs or change the graphics settings or driver and see if it helps.

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Did you use apt-get autoremove?

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