Workstation hanging and Bootstrap error over several hours of use

Generally I’m finding Whonix easy to use as a new comer to Linix and security, however these two things continue.

I have noticed that Workstation will hang after several hours of use, particularly if i have more than 6 tabs on Tor open. It becomes unresponsive and restarting the VM is the only way to resolving. I normally have The Key manager open too.

Similarly Gateway will come up with a Bootstrap error after several hours of use, swapping between Host OSx and VM. I always check Tor Bundle which will connect and the host still has access to the Net.

Once the bootstrap can’t connect to Tor, the only resolution is restarting the host and then the VMs, restarting the VM’s alone isn’t enough.

Its not the end of the world, I can still use the system with great success most of the time but it can be a little annoying to close down all my applications and workflow to re-start.



Probably not an issue caused by Whonix. More likely an issue of the virtualizer and/or host operating system. Difficult to diagnose. You’re probably better off switching to a Libre Software host operating system for security and also stability reasons.

Its a brand new MacBook, put new VM on to install Whonix.

But no worries if its too difficult to diganose.

Its much better if I don’t put too much tabs open in Tor. It seems to be tor that crashes.

Please don’t use Tor as synonym for Tor Browser. That causes confusion.

If the workstation is crashing when using too many Tor Browser tabs, try to increase Whonix-Workstation RAM setting and see if it works better then.