Working Tor->VPN->SSH Connection / Proxychains

Hello guys,

i am sorry for my bad english. I want to try to describe my problem/question.
My Setup:
Host: Kali Linux
Virtualbox: Whonix Workstation + Gateway

Ich want to get a working Connection to the Internet over Tor -> VPN -> SSH -> Internet

So i start on the Workstation my VPN- and SSH-Connection.
Then i start proxychains with following settings:

socks5 8050 (SSH)

If I go then on ipcheck sites like, I have the IP / Location from the SSH.

…So all is working fine…but can I trust proxychains that my IP is tunneling all the way??? (Tor -> VPN -> SSH) …Or only Tor -> SSH???
Must I add TOR or the VPN in some way in the proxylist?

Thank you for your help.

i cant find an answer of my question on this site


The relevant sentence from Connecting to Tor before a Proxy

If the Proxifier is leak free or in worst case leaks through Tor alone (thanks to Whonix), is another question and not in Whonix’s power, see TorifyHOWTO.

If these programs were reliable, there would be less need for Whonix.