Workbench freezes when memory runs out

I’m running the workbench with 2gb memory.

After working in Tor browser a while, it just freezes, and on the host computer I can see the drive which contains the installation, go up to 100% activity.

I managed to run the command “free” in the terminal, and after about 15-20 minutes (I’m not kidding), I got the result that it had 20MB memory left.

(upon pausing the workbench, the disk activity drops to 0%)

According to the workbench a swapfile isn’t necessary (it says so during the boot) and the "free"command says that the swapfile is 0…
… so why is it accessing the drive so agressive so it freezes?

this is unbearable…

and I don’t have anything to “show” here except a screenshot of my hosts drive monitor

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