wire for desktop - encrypted messenger

are there any opinions on using the wire app as the messenger in whonix? unfortunately, it’s not in the official debian repos. but, it is very easy to use for either personal or group encrypted chats and, unlike other software bundles, does not require a phone number or the installation of 3rd party plugins after install.

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any chance we could include “wire” in the binaries freedom app? they offer both a deb and an appimage. they also offer a debian based repository which could be pulled from. but, not about to recomend people add it to their repos. the software does collect a fair ammount of metadata, like numerous other jabber based services. however, it is quite simple to use. an encrypted group chat is much easier to get running compared to gajim. it’s pretty much invisible to the users. you simply add people to the conversation and it’s encrypted by default. can set the messages to destruct after a time as well.

due to the numerous issues out there with the various instant messaging chats, i’ve been looking into amending the guide i work on to use wire instead of jabber. however, the fact that it isn’t in the official debian repos has prevented that so far.

I’m troubled by their licensing scheme and it probably runs afoul of our FOSS inclusion policy.

The source code is accompanied by the GPLv3[18] but the readme file[19] states that a number of additional restrictions specified by the Wire Terms of Use[20] take precedence. Among other things, users who have compiled their own applications may not change the way it connects and interacts with the company’s centralised servers.[21][22]

Their metadata collection wouldn’t be so troblung if the protocol was widely federated.

Both voice and video chat won;t work over Tor TCP and there are not plans to change that.

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