Windows 7 workstation Tor through Tor

Hi I have Windows 7 workstation through Whonix gateway. If I run the Tor Browser how to prevent Tor through Tor?

UDP tunnel makes Whonix gateway? Will it work with UDP traffic my Windows 7 workstation?

After setting Whonix gateway in VirtualBox I gave 128 MB of RAM. Whonix gateway passed in non graphics mode. Whonix gateway also good destination to all traffic in Tor how and with 768 MB of RAM?

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All about UDP over Tor:

Yes. (As per documentation: Platform-specific Desktop Tips)

Started new version of the Tor Browser 4.0 After installation there is no file Start Tor Browser.exe Instead, there is a shortcut on the Tor Browser\browser\firefox.exe

My solution: create Tor Browser\Browser\Start TB without Tor.bat with the contents:



Will it work is that correct?

No, because there is no firefox.exe in the same folder as the .bat. And $DEITY knows what would happen. Perhaps starting system (Mozilla) Firefox.

Just now updated:

[quote=“Patrick, post:5, topic:595”]Just now updated:

After update. However, Tor Browser reports:

Proxy server refuses to accept connections

Firefox is configured to use a proxy server, which rejects the connection .

Check the proxy settings to make sure that they are correct .
Contact your system administrator to make sure that the proxy server is working.

This is expected. It only prevents Tor over Tor. Changing the proxy settings is still TODO.

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Where can I learn to use other OS through Whonix Gateway?

There is no more info than this:

[quote=“Patrick, post:9, topic:595”][quote author=cracoupr link=topic=631.msg4853#msg4853 date=1413584305]
Where can I learn to use other OS through Whonix Gateway?
There is no more info than this:[/quote]

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