Windows 10 ignores all network/privacy settings


At this point its not surprising that even the version of Windows (Enterprise) you can disable telemetry in still connects to telemetry servers anyway. It doesn’t obey a bunch of other “do not connect” settings either.

My face reaction every time I see someone willingly use Windows:


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Don’t worry, tracking solely happens to ensure the high level of quality the Microsoft software division has been famous for. Equally, voice recordings, typing behavior (sometimes falsely labeled key logging) as well as pen and touch input are solely sent to their servers to improve their excellent and outright ingenious services like OneDrive which totally did not annoy the hell out of me till I forced it off the drive by constantly reinstalling and opening itself in the background. Furthermore, the reason that Candy Crush Saga and the Minecraft Demo constantly find their way back onto systems even after removing them a thousand times is solely for the users convenience. Should a user decide to suddenly require either a nostalgia trip to 2010 or what may only be described as a lobotomy in App from, either are very useful to have. Furthermore, closed source software is far more secure than all that “open-source crap” anyways, as, as has been explained to me by mate who currently is the member of the conservative party here in Austria, hackers have it much easier to find exploits in open-source software and there are no people to fix security issues in such software equally, as there are certainly no companies like Alphabet, etc. who’d ever fund such futile efforts.

Hail Microsoft, Hail Monopolies, Hail Tracking! I LOVE MY SURFACE PRO 4!

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P.S.: Whispers Please send help, Cortana has taken me hostage and threatens to punch me against thejnfobuerpgn jvdkljthiürejndklvöjoreiopüdlsöä.fpürojfgknvölds,.–


One does not simply uninstall OneDrive. Some of these programs keep coming back like Herpes but that’s because MS believes you will eventually change your mind and like them.

Pft well of course! Closed source software magically hides the codes from the eyes of 1337 hax0rs who won’t be able to decipher and exploit it. Makes perfect sense. Also don’t forget the powerful argument made by Redmond that open source software costs more to maintain than their world class products.

Amen brother. It sounds like the surface pro experience is such a blast. Unfortunately I’m not rich or smart enough to have one :frowning:

Oh no! Ego are you OK?!? I always knew that bitch Cortana was up to no good.


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Don’t worry, I just fell down a ladder…

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