WIFI Options with Whonix

Given the installation of whonix described in the guide requires a certain version of Debian, i was wondering the following…

The beginning of the guide suggest a wired connection, with the option of adding wifi at a later stage.

I am now at that point where i want to use a specific wifi adapter, TP Link1200 T4U and have downloaded the driver and installation guide.

The guide describes the installation environment requirements as:

System Version: Ubuntu 14.04.1
Kernel Version: 3.16.0-30-generic
Gcc Version:4.8.2

i ran cat /proc/version to determine my own

Linux Version 3.2.0-4-amd64
Gcc Version: 4.6.3
Debian. 4.6.3-14

When i attempt to install the driver, i get 2 Errors, and assume this is because of the versions? If so, if i make the necessary changes to accomodate the driver, will i in any way jeapordise the security and perfomance of the whonix os?

I have copied the driver to Desktop,

Which guide you are using?

A guide from whonix.org?

Which platform? (VirtualBox, KVM, physical isolation, …?)


Yes, the whonix guide Version 1.0. February, 2016, A Beginner Friendly Comprehensive Guide to Installing and Using a
Safer Anonymous Operating System

I have debian, whonix gateway and whonix workstation installed as per this guide.

I have Kali-Debian 64 installed within VirtualBox, and i require the use of the Wifi Network Adapter listed in original post.

/cc @tempest

there is nothing driver specific about the guide you are mentioning. whether or not the driver you downloaded may have some type of negative impact is something i cannot say. it looks like your wifi card uses the realtek rtl8812au chipset, which does not have a driver in the debian repos yet. best bet is searching the web for others who have installed it.there’s a few git repos that people appeared to use to install the driver.