Why use 32 bit install?


This is little more than idle curiosity - I can come up with one good reason, and some additional reasons on my own. I’ve downloaded, and partially configured Whonix, and the workstation is busy downloading the browser bundle now. Everything looks good so far.

Best reason I can think for using i686 is, you only needed to build the virtual machines once, and they work for everyone.

Other reasons might include, if all Whonix machines use the same architecture and kernel, then it is harder for an outside attacker to distinguish between them.

Or, the guy who built the VM’s didn’t have a 64 bit machine with which to build them.

Or, it’s possible that there is just no 64-bit Whonix? I just looked at the download page again, and it appears that everything is 32-bit.

As I said, it’s little more than idle curiosity - but please fill me in!



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as far as I’m concerned, this is, as you’ve already stated, manly for compatibility reasons.

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Yes, and there are no separate 64 bit Non-Qubes-Whonix builds, because
the maintenance effort is too high.

Non-Qubes-Whonix 32 bit only for compatibility.
Qubes-Whonix 64 bit only for better hardware.


If using VBox is it safe/make any difference by changing machine type from Deb-32 to Deb-64?


The only options for getting 64 bit VirtualBox Whonix, see:


Creating a 32 bit machine in a 64 bit environment would give you precisely the same results as installing a 32 bit OS on a 64 bit machine. The OS simply can’t take advantage of the hardware’s capabilities. You don’t gain anything. You might actually lose a little, in regards to resources. VBox would allocate resources to the VM which the VM would be unable to make use of. Depending on your setup, and how valuable those resources are to you, you might never notice the difference. In my case, I could assign 8 to 20 gig of memory to the VM, but it would be wasted, as the 32 bit OS doesn’t natively use it all.