Why there is a cdrom0 ?

I downloaded Whonix installed and when I open File Manager I see cdrom0 and I can’t look inside there and cant unmount it. What is that ? Should I just ignore it ?

In Virtualbox, if you look in the machine Settings tab under Storage, you will see a listing for optical disk that is empty. This is to hold the Guest Additions, that’s all. Inside the machine, in your media folder, the optical disk is expressed as cdrom0

Btw Whonix installs Debian -- Package Search Results -- virtualbox-guest-x11

Not using guest additions from ISO but from packages.debian.org.

I use KVM, not Virtualbox and I don’t have any connected ISO in KVM. When I try to eject cdrom0 my file manager crash

My mistake

I should type from start I use KVM.
I think we need @HulaHoop here

Remove the cdrom in virt-manager?

There is no cdrom in virt-manager. But configuration of xml files is different from other 15 versions, I think that cause this bug. Just want to know all of you have this bug in latest whonix with latest xml file or it’s just for me ?

Yeah just ignore it. I don’t include a virtual cddrive to minimize attack surface. I tried mounting it to see what it is and I see:

user@host:~$ sudo mount /dev/cdrom /media/
mount: /media: special device /dev/cdrom does not exist.

So it’s a fictional device. Search turns up nothing relevant.

I tested removing serial controller (needed for cmline interfacing with VM ) and it has nothing to do with this.

It is odd and annoying, but harmless. If I find out why I’ll update the thread.

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