Why Should Whonix should support or be interested in Android ?

Why Should Whonix should support or be interested in Android ?

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Split discussion of reason from Running Android Apps inside Whonix-Workstation - Anbox - Proof of concept - #2 to avoid distracting from development discussion.

To re-quote myself:


It may be the easiest way to get a functional asynchronous IM app that has E2E encryption.

It’s just a proof of concept aka “because I can” type of exercise.


There aren’t any proper high anonymity solutions for android or other mobile operating systems. I think it would be really good to get something like Whonix or Tails onto a mobile device. It would be a lot harder as mobile is traditionally bad for privacy/security.

Unless you mean why should Whonix support android apps then just ignore what I’ve said above.

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This is what he meant because he was referring to my post above about running Android apps on Whonix.


What about Debian only signed packages?

What about extra bugs that we gonna face? (who is going to fix them , debian or android or us… mostly only us)

Also who care about android or android apps?

I just really don’t buy this as any good.

A lot stuff from Whonix ™ Documentation and Advanced Documentation - Whonix was created with that. My earliest experiments tunneling I2P, VPN, Alternative DNS Resolver - Whonix, and whatnot over Tor where motivated by that.

There have been a few inquiries by users how to torify Android x86, even professional support inquiries on how to torify android applications.

Looks like a confusion of what forum thread Running Android Apps inside Whonix-Workstation - Anbox - Proof of concept - #2 is aiming at. So far as I guess what it means…


suggestions that were NOT made:

  • replacing Debian based Whonix-Workstation with Android by default
  • Whonix mobile based on Android

Since we already document tons of applications and things, including obscure things, I don’t see a reason to block development of instructions how to run anbox inside Whonix-Workstation.

Maybe thread title would be better changed from

Running Android Apps on Whonix WIP


Running Android Apps inside Whonix-Workstation

WIP being and abbreviation not known to everyone and then misunderstood as a new flavor of Whonix.


And not including anything about android by default yes? if yes then yeah sure documentation is nice to have multiple stuff to run over whonix-workstation.

I thought something would come to whonix as a default thing to support running android apps on it in the workstation. (if that will be the case then it will be Whonix RIP not WIP).

No suggestion about including android anything by default was made.

Unlikely at the moment since I see some issues with:

But since no one suggested it, and since it is theoretic at this point, this can be discussed when time has come - if ever.

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Related write-up that was created meanwhile:

Related… (non-)progress will be posted here: Whonix for arm64 / Raspberry Pi ( RPi ) - duplicate forum topic

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