Why only one image?

Previously, there were two images:

  1. Gateway
  2. Workstation

Why was only one image left?

Hi Kay, no worry they are now both in the same file.

Now Gateway and Workstation inside one ova file.

The topic is closed.

1 ova image was done to make it easier for users to varify the images. 1 image verify instead of 2. It also decreases bandwidth requirements when downloading.

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When adding a second workstation, another gateway is also added.
Then we need to remove it, being very careful to remove the correct one (important especially if you made any changes to the gateway, such as bridges).
I liked the old way better.

Any way to “extract” the workstation ova manually to the disk and then use it for future imports?

I did not set anything up. Doesn’t everything work automatically?
I used the installation manual from wiki.

Yes, you just need to import the .ova files, nothing else. Everything works out of the box.

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This release introduces unified ova downloads. Rather than separate Whonix-Gateway ™ and Whonix-Workstation ™ ova downloads, there is now only a single Whonix ova which includes both Whonix virtual machines (VMs), Whonix-Gateway ™ and Whonix-Workstation ™.

Whonix VirtualBox - Unified OVA Downloads - Point Release

This change reduces the number of steps users are required to apply (one download instead of two). No functionality was lost. This improves usability, makes Whonix downloads more standardized compared to other software, and simplifies Whonix infrastructure maintenance work. The Whonix split VM design (separate Whonix-Gateway ™ and Whonix-Workstation ™) remains unmodified.

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