Why isnt there a task manager and how do i install one

There is no task manager like there is in literaly every version of linux, was this a security threat or are whonix devs trying to make life as difficult as possible? I have searched now for an hour what i can install and every website is saying it should come with the OS but here i am looking for “task manager” and “process manager” (what its called in xfce that whonix uses) and there is nothing here and i have shitty monero wallet that is constantly freezing and i cant kill it without shutting everything down which in turn is causing virtualbox to freeze too.



You’re the first in almost 10 years to ask about it. Search term:

debian taskmanager

I suggest to make the search term unspecific.

Then install it.

Documented just now:
Task Manager

Possibly related:

I.e. Monero might require more RAM. Specifically when downloading the blockchain.

Another alternative might be monero-wallet-cli which is a CLI but imo one of the easier to use ones.

Also possibly helpful: