Whonix's shift on TOR+I2P

The .sqlite file can easily be read with something like sqlitebrowser.

search.json.mozlz4 can also be read but I could never get it to work.

The extensions can probably be verified with a checksum.


search.json.mozlz4 I’ve got a script for it somewhere, IIRC there’s some kind of magic number thing involved. I’ll dig it up so I can just include search.json. The extensions being included in the repo is resolved in the upstream monotone repository, I will fix that as soon as possible.

My involvement with the main i2p project is actually fairly recent, but it’s been a great experience. As for the new Tor Browser fork, I don’t want to take credit, the work has been done almost entirely by Meeh, and if I’m a powerhouse that dude’s a damn nuclear reactor or something. These are the important repositories to follow for our development of the TBB fork, i2pbutton i2p-browser-build-scripts test-i2p-browser, and this is the trac page. I’ll try and be around the Whonix forum more in the future to help our projects communicate.


Hopefully integrated I2P comes out on Whonix soon. With the recent hidden services DDOS issues and no real fix in sight people would be more willing to try out I2P.

Dont expect much on solving DDOS within I2P , Tor at least has Tor balance mitigation for old versions and working to get it into version 3.x+ (still long way to have it). But I2P doesnt has any of that yet.

I2Pj (java) will not solve identity correlation attack (stream isolation feature):


But for I2Pd is still pending suggestion:

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