Whonixcheck script bug


I’m running into a bit of a problem. I’m trying to run Whonix under VBox, but up till now I have been unable to establish a network. Yesterday evening I thought it was finally working because I did a whonixcheck and everything turned out green without errors. Then, while I was downloading Tor (which already took absurdly long) I started to get bootstraps errors and timesinc errors again. So this morning I tried again and again there was a bootstraps fail, and one of the recommendations was to check through terminal with debug. So I did, and I got this message:

BASH_COMMAND: $output ${output_opts[@]} --progressbaridx “$progressbaridx_main” --progressx “100” exit_code: 127

And it also told me to please report this bug, so… I am reporting this bug ;D
I still don’t have a network connection, but that’s okay.

Which Whonix version are you using?

Can you please read contents of ~/.msgcollector/msgdispatcher-error.log and post here if possible?

I’m sorry, I feel enormously ignorant (my name should be ObliviousSardine) but where do I find that?

Dolphin (file manager) -> View -> Hidden Files

Then you find that file.

Or in terminal.

There is no such file to be found anywhere. Not via dolphin and not via terminal. It says “no such file or directory” =/

I was on wrong track here. Probably a whonixcheck error message. Not a msgcollector one.

Exit code 127 means “command not found”. I have no idea how that could happen - besides hdd corruption.

Oh well. Maybe someday it’ll work for longer than ten seconds :slight_smile:

What happens if you run


Which Whonix version are you using? You see that file name you download, downloaded and when you import on the “Appliance Import Setting” of the VirtualBox import wizard.

Did you verify Whonix before import? (https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Download#Verify_the_Whonix_images)

Did you try deleting that VM and importing it again?

who_ami: user
exit_code: 1n
error_cause:error_handler signal ERR detected with BASH_COMMAND: $output_tool --identifier
"$IDENTEFIER" --whoame “$who_ami” ${1+"$@}

Hi nothing17

Could you please give more information.

  • what exactly is going on? whats the problem?
  • you used debug through terminal?
  • what hypervisor are you using?
  • is this a new installation, if so did you verify image?
  • is this a problem you just started having (i.e using Whonix for a while with no problem now this problem)
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