whonixcheck in whonix 14 workstation

for whatever reason, the whonixcheck gui does not appear automatically on first boot in whonix workstation in virtualbox. i’ve run “systemctl status whonixcheck” and it appears to be enabled and running. i get the following output:

host systemd[1]: Started whonixcheck.
host sudo[764]: user : TTY=unknown ; PWD=/ ; USER=whonixcheck ; COMMAND=/usr/lib/whonixcheck/whonixcheck --autostart --gui --cli
host sudo[764]: pam_unix(sudo:session): session opened for user whonixcheck by (uid=0)

however, i never see the gui. is anyone else having this problem?

Expected. Whonixcheck changed in Whonix 14. Less popups.


thank you @Patrick. my only concern there is, at least on the first time run, there are generally a number of packages that need to be updated. for example, at this time, it’s a new kernel. would it be worth considering to have whonixcheck run by default at least on the first time boot after install?

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Could you please create a ticket for this?