Whonixcheck half-readable (gpg-related?) error output

After booting amd64-built whonixgateway (command-line interface), whonixcheck delivered above output. Unfortunately I was not able to read the full message; Scrolling was of no use ( I assume the buffer was already empty at the time I tried to…), furthermore I could not find any whonixcheck-logs.

I have not connected to the internet ever since, just to be safe.
Is there any obvious solution to this problem?
Should I keep whonixgateway offline?

I would appreciate any help.

Thank You

The output in incomplete. Need to see what is said above.

whonixcheck --function download_whonix_news

However, if it does not persist, forget about it.

Does this persist?

No need for panic. Compromises usually do not work in that way.

(See this post: htaccess file in home directory - #3 by Patrick)

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Does not persist.
Thanks again, guess I overreacted.

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