Whonix Workstation

Is it possible to launch an OS other than Whonix workstation as a VM and connect it to a Whonix Gateway?

Has anybody experimented with this and had it boot properly?


Is it required to use the Whonix-Custom-Workstation?

Am I asking a simple question or something? I just haven’t been able to get this to work at all.


It’s answered on the very link mentioned above.

What if the instructions provided in the link don’t work as described?

Maybe possibltities:

  • Maybe it’s a bug. In that case wait for others to report the same issue. But unlikely in this case.
  • Get a tutor.
  • Join a local Linux user group.
  • Increase you skills to work with complex Linux related computer stuff generally.
  • Support - Whonix
  • General Advice
  • Cannot use it.


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