Whonix Workstation ova file not importing (First Problem Fixed) Gateway and Workstation both black out when launched.

Hello, I have tried to import the Whonix Workstation OVA file into Virtual Box as instructed but it seems to not want to import. I’m using Virtual Box 6.0.


I guess you are on Windows 10?

I googled your error code and the cause can be many things. I have just imported the Workstation ova on a Windows 10 machine and had no problem.

Could you try from the command line it should give more details about the error:

VBoxManage import C:\path\to\your\file.ova
VboxManage import C:\Users\John\Downloads\Whonix-Workstation-XFCE-

And return what it shows.


I will try that when I get home.

What do you mean by Command Line? you mean Command Prompt?


Yes, I meant the command prompt.
I am far from being a Windows expert (stopped using Windows a few years ago when I switched to Linux), but I think you have to indicate the whole path, so something like this:

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe import


this is shown when I do that EDIT: I have found a way to accept the EULA agreement, here’s the new error, it’s at the bottom of the screen. Image2

Really strange. As I told you, I did an import in VirtualBox 6 this morning in a Windows 10 machine and it went normally.

I see that your .ova file is on the F: disk? What kind of disk is that? Maybe try to put the ova file on C: disk, like in user’s documents folder… I really don’t know.

PS: glad that you solved the first error, I add it here as it may be useful for other people:

C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\VBoxManage.exe import --vsys 0 --eula accept

I use F drive due to my C drive being full. The C drive is an ssd with 500gb, and the F drive is an hdd with 1 terabyte. I will try and clear up space and put it on the C drive. EDIT: It worked. thanks for your help!


Windows and its weird bugs…

One more reason to switch to Linux :slight_smile:

It appears its not over. Image

I’m going to try restarting them. EDIT: It seems my previous post was removed. I have no clue why. It just says. “Your post was flagged by the community. Please see your messages” I wrote in that post that It’s not over yet. because both windows have black screens. EDIT 2: This was sent to me.

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Nevermind, it’s probably because you posted too many short messages?

Do you have enough RAM to run the VM? What if you wait a few minutes, does the VM start? Do you have the same problem with the Gateway VM?

So basically, all my posts have been hidden in this. because I use this link thing called “elixi.re”

Yes I have enough ram. I have 16gb.

I have given both of them more ram.

I have the same problem with the gateway