Whonix Workstation or Gatevey+ IPVanish ( VPN )

Whonix Workstation or Gatevey + IPVanish - How install VPN ??

VPN Where to install - Workstation or Gatevey ? ( i dond no… )

And how to install,any can give example photos uploaded or video, it would be very good.

I found this link to Connecting to a VPN before Tor : How install,but I do not understand anything, not just photos or videos…

I am new hear , it’s hard to understand support… ( No Pictures,no Video Example ).

That makes a difference. Depends on what you want to do. An overview about the different effects can be found here:

That’s unfortunately all we can provide for the foreseeable future.

Hi,thanks you answer ! No buddy want answer my…

You want to say do not go on whonix ( VPN )

Whonix gatevey, Qubes + vpn : Then works,or i am wrong ?

No, it’s not what I am saying. Combinations with VPNs are as difficult to set up as documented. If you have a specific question, we can try to answer it. But beyond that, it is for the foreseeable future unfortunately not possible to make it any easier.

And it would not be easy if I would use

Whonix gatevey + Windows 7 and then the VPN?

I tried to turn on the IPVanish, but not connected to me, i know something needs to be done, maybe you can tell what needs to be done ?

With Windows 7 should be easy to connect, yes or no ?


Very good answer !..

The longer answer gets more technical.

It’s “No, not simple, because then you have a hard time setting up a reliable VPN leak fail closed mechanism.”

The explanation however what the VPN leak fail closed mechanism is, unfortunately is a wall of text, no photos, no videos, no simple explanations.

Thanks for the explanation man.

I find better way how protect my self. :slight_smile:

Great support this forum.

Good luck with that.

We don’t sell snake oil and good feelings here. You’ll certainly find easier to use software that makes huge promises like hidemyass and consorts. However, if you do your research you find out, that their software doesn’t actually hold up to its promises to say the least. For example hidemyass keeps ip logs.

If you want the real thing, I don’t think there currently is a way to avoid the complex knowledge around it.