Whonix-Workstation just too slow...

My computer is low spec. Shitty CPU with 4GB ram. I tried everything my host OS is minimal debian with LXDE. Whonix-Gateway booted in console mode. On Whonix-Workstation i installed LXDE. The problem is with tor browser, it takes all CPU… And in general workstation feels very slow.
Is there are any ways to make workstation faster ? Maybe messing with KVM settings?
After i install LXDE onto workstation can i simply just do “apt-get purge kde” to remove kde without sacrificing my system security ?
I’m Whonix 14.

Changing any of the features will make you stand out more of the crowd. I guess an apt-get purge kde" will result in many Whonix specific packages being deinstalled, too. Didn’t try it though. I don’t know what your current CPU model is set to but you could try to set it to host model and assign more cores to the VM. Maybe using an alternate video driver could help, too. iirc there was a huge slowdown on stretch with qxl but I think this has been fixed.

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You are not consuming any resources when not using a DE so you should leave KDE packages alone… The resource strain you are feeling is because Tor Browser recently moved to the multi-process model where each tab spawns it’s own process. The benefit besides it being the “modern” way to do things is that eventually tab isolation is easier for sandboxing and that makes the browser safer.

My recommendation is to increase RAM AND CPU for the workstation if you are running one at a time. Also avoid opening multiple programs in the background so Whonix doesn’t lock-up.