Whonix workstation is working, but updating the gateway fails

My workstations is working fine now, I have a working VPN+Tor setup.

However, I can’t update/maintain the gateway.

If I try apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade I get a few Hit and Ign, before it fails at Err:10 tor+http://deb.{some long onion string}.onion stretch InRelease, which it can’t connect to, host unreachable.

Is this normal, or is it a problem?

If you can update Whonix-Workstatioin but not Whonix-Gateway then there is an issue. The Whonix v3 onion is down. Are those repos the ones that can not connect?

  • You still have the VPN installed in Whonix-Gateway correct?
  • Did you search the Whonix forum for the error?
  • Did you alter anything in Whonix-Gateway?
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I’m actually not sure if the apt-get update fails or not.

I get 5 Hit messages, 2 Ign, 1 Err.

It states:

W: Some index files failed to download. They have been ignored, or old ones used instead.

W is Warning I presume.

I’m not sure what the v3 onion is.

  • I am still using a Workstation->VPN->Tor setup yes.
  • Yes, tried searching for the error and related things.
  • The Whonix-Gateway is new and recently installed again. I followed the Connecting to a VPN before Tor guide. I believe it works correctly, because the Workstation gets a Tor IP, and if I disable VPN to test in the Gateway, the Workstation’s connection dies and doesn’t come back until I re-enable VPN inside the Gateway.

Could be Tor congestion but its possible something is amiss in the Whonix-Gateway. Wait a little while and try again.

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I will try.

Still confused over it using http and not https. Is that normal?

I guess it verifies the signatures so https is redundant? But then why does it bother using .onion sources?