Whonix workstation freezes sometimes


Every once in a while the whonix workstation freezes while (tor) browsing the internet. It happened on windows 7 ultimate, but also on Linux mint 17.2.
The only thing I can do is closing the virtual machine (Oracle Virtual box is still running fine btw).
Of course, I hope there is a solution for this problem. So please, let me know any solution you can think of!

Thanks in advance.

Browsing the web can be quite heavy RAM wise. Maybe it runs out of memory? I suggest to start monitoring RAM usage in Whonix Workstation as first step.

Thanks GreenWhonix, I checked the RAM allocated to the virtual machine and it turned out to be 768 Mb (default value). I’ve increased it to 2 Gb. I’ll check RAM usage from now on.
Time will tell if it will lock up again (fingers crossed 8)).