Whonix-Workstation and Thunderbird

Earlier versions of Whonix had Thunderbird by default. Do you think its use is unsafe? If it can be used in Whonix, what changes should I make to the Gateway in torrc? I know there is no TorBirdy for the current version - whonix_org / wiki / Encrypted_Email_with_Thunderbird_and_Enigmail # Install_the_Thunderbird_Email_Client
TAILS uses this mail client.

We cut down on applications to keep the image size small not because we think it is unsafe. We would have documented this if fact.


Thanks to TAILS, the changes done by TorBirdy were spun off into a custom settings pref for Thunderbird that tweaked many settings to plug privacy problems in how it interacts with the network. I’ve included them in our app configurations and they should take effect if you update anon-apps-config package from our testing repo.

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Thunderbird was removed for reasons unrelated to security, see:

[fixed] Thunderbird no longer installed by default - #2 by Patrick

If we wanted to make a statement on security, we’d probably add it here:

and/or here:

But at time of writing no such statements.