whonix windows VS tails , wich is more secure realy?


I have read ‘‘Comparison of Whonix, Tails, Tor Browser Bundle -Comparison with Others’’ , and i am user
of kvm whonix in debian and some times switch to fedora host, to get directrly to the point ’ lets say we have whonix on windows host , and tails , whonix will be still more secure? because we have virtualbox in windows and that is not so secure , and windows… ‘’ the King of the tracking’’ and ‘‘the Mother of the viruses’’
, thank you.


It depends on your threat model and use cases. If you want to make sure,
everything goes through Tor, Whonix on Windows should be safer. If you
prioritize fear of skilled attackers exploiting Windows [/VirtualBox],
Tails without VM would be safer.


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the comparison is hard to make in the first place, as Tails and Whonix are trying to accomplish rather different things. Tails is an amnestic system with Tor support, while Whonix is a persistent, isolated system, which torrifies the connection seperate from all the rest. Furthermore, under normal circumstances, Whonix under Windows is still isolated from the rest, thus is tracking done by Microsoft not really a big concern. Also, VBox isn’t really deemed insecure, the main reason for not using it is that, it is not as secure (though it still overs a good layer of isolation) and that it doesn’t really comply with some open source/GPL aspects.

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