Whonix verification issue

Using the example output;

gpg: Signature made Mon 19 Jan 2015 11:45:41 PM CET using RSA key ID 77BB3C48

Mine actually appears different to that above

gpg: Signature made 10/27/19 13:55:00 GMT Standard Time
gpg: using RSA key 6E979B28A6F37C43BE30AFA1CB8D50BB77BB3C48

No idea if I’m being stupid but it was the warning about different timestamps that caught me off guard despite it being a good signature and all. Is this fine?


pub 4096R/8D66066A2EEACCDA 2014-01-16 Patrick Schleizer adrelanos@riseup.net
Key fingerprint = 916B 8D99 C38E AF5E 8ADC 7A2A 8D66 066A 2EEA CCDA
sub 4096R/3B1E6942CE998547 2014-01-16 [expires: 2021-04-17]
sub 4096R/10FDAC53119B3FD6 2014-01-16 [expires: 2021-04-17]
sub 4096R/CB8D50BB77BB3C48 2014-01-16 [expires: 2021-04-17]

We don’t keep updating the time in the example output.