Whonix Tor Browser tor-over-tor by default?

I am using whonix workstation on virtualbox. Downloaded today, updated today.

  1. using tor browser downloader shortcut - 6.5a1 hardened does not download

  2. so i downloaded 6.5a1 - seems i got tor over tor here.

a) firefox and tor browser shows different ips on whatsmyipaddress.com

b) to check if that was tor over tor i installed https://fruho.com/ and logged into freebook vpn

c) inside vpn, tor browser still show tor exit node.

Does that means that default whonix tor browser is making tor over tor?

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No. The differences in IP can be explained by Stream Isolation: Stream Isolation

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Tor Browser Essentials

FYI, the “a” in 6.5a1 stands for alpha - meaning it’s more experimental than a beta release. Make sure you’re comfortable with entrusting your anonymity to such software: Multiple Tor Browsers is Awful Decision by TPO - #3 by Patrick

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Discussed here:

Don’t use a VPN without reading and going through the documentation. And if you go through the documentation, you will know why that happens and how to prevent that.

The very short exemplification why that is so is because Whonix uses stream isolation by default which has the disadvantage that combination of tunnels such as VPNs becomes more difficult and requires documentation.