Whonix Standalone VS Qubes-Whonix


Whonix Standalone:

  1. Lightweight
  2. Simple
  3. Secure (almost as Qubes-Whonix 9/10)

When Qubes will be closed.


Thank you especially Ego & Lana for this informative thread from the topical edge of the Whonix forum; Qubes; my other new flavour of the month. I would never pretend that the last couple of posts have not flown over my head as I am no security expert. It was another avenue that I wrote to Joanna about a few days ago in gratitude, because it is not about security.

That being, the way that Qubes seems to redesign a large part of the daily workflow to a level beyond the single-session Linux desktop. Now the entire process follows the ‘personal’ / ‘work’ style of organisation to a degree, with different AppVMs for such as COM, GOV, NET, ORG, (hopefully no need for a MIL-VM in the future), and the user can rearrange the mindset to fire the corresponding neurons at the relevant information category in my mind.

To put it more simply, it’s a bit like a new set of Lego blocks. This is another, non-security-related, aspect of Qubes as a ‘concept’. It changes how the user thinks.