Whonix Physical Isolation Networking Help?

Hi everyone,

So firstly I would like to thank you all for taking the time to read this and any replies are very much appreciated!
Also sorry if this is in the wrong section.

Ok with that out the way, I have now completed building and installing Whonix Gateway on my IBM T400 and I have connected the laptop to my router via Ethernet and have a second Ethernet adapter connected to the laptop and to my desktop.

My requirement is that I can put my laptop with Whonix gateway between my desktop and my router, but I cannot get it to connect to my desktop and since I have been playing with my /etc/network/interfaces settings to try and get it working I seem to have made things worse because now the laptop wont connect to tor or the internet etc.

Question 1: Does anyone have knowledge of the original /etc/network/interfaces settings (which parts are out commented etc)? If so would it be possible to put it on pastebin or something so I can check my settings and then trouble shoot it?

Question 2: Has anyone actually had success doing what I am trying to and if so and ideas or advice on what/how to achieve my required setup as stated above? (Static or DHCP for Eth0 & Eth1 etc etc)

Oh I guess I should mention I am not using VM’s, Whonix Gateway is directly installed to the T400 HDD.

Many thanks in advance and again thank you for taking the time to read this!

Am I missing something or isn’t this a usual setup?

But the physical isolation instructions contain info on how to set up Whonix-Workstation?

Physical gateway without isolation is fine and better tested.

See if /etc/network/interfaces.backup exists as backup.

DHCP for the workstation won’t work. The gateway does not feature a DHCP server yet. (Dev/DHCP - Whonix) Therefore static networking is required.

Thanks for the reply,
I actually solved this and yes the answer was technically in the physical isolation guide but because it was under the heading stating using VM I wanted to confirm the correct settings etc and I also used git hub to find the correct settings although in the end I decided it safest to reinstall Debian and re build Whonix gateway because I couldn’t guarantee I hadn’t compromised something while messing with the settings.

Everything is working well now and I must mention @IronSoldier from IRC who helped with the problem very swiftly!

Thanks again!