whonix.org main Homepage Improvements - Looking for HTML Volunteer!

Both https://elementary.io (usability focused Linux distribution) and https://pureos.net home pages (the very first page one can see) have contents that equally or similarly apply to Whonix. We could use these as inspiration and then improve https://www.whonix.org home page.

Could also add some popular media mentions and famous quotes similar to how https://www.qubes-os.org is doing that.

Also we could use meta tags (og:title, og:image etc.).

The HTML code for Whonix website can be found here:


This is a volunteer position.

Anyone up to contribute?

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I’ll volunteer to contribute.



What can you help with?

Content? Design? Images? Gif? CSS? Html?


  • We cannot use google fonts. Need to use local fonts. (Shouldn’t be an issue.)
  • All images need to be libre software.
  • All images will be hosted on whonix.org server. (Easy to upload to mediawiki.)

I’ve created https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Dev/website as a scratchpad. It provides the bullet points, copytext, inspiration on what to put on the homepage. Please feel free to help with that too.

May I email you?

Yes, sure.


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