whonix.org apt repository - testers wanted!

Originally published at: https://www.whonix.org/blog/test-whonix-org-apt-repository
Now hosted on whonix.org rather than volunteer mirror network. Should be more reliable.

This is what we will be using in Whonix 13.

sudo whonix_repository --baseuri http://whonix.org/download/whonixdevelopermetafiles/internal/ --repository stable --enable

Feel free to experiment with TLS.

sudo whonix_repository --baseuri https://whonix.org/download/whonixdevelopermetafiles/internal/ --repository stable --enable

Although TLS is not worth that much at the moment because the Debian (and Tor Project) repository is not available over TLS.

Whonix APT Repository documentation:

Development tickets…

move to whonix.org repository

Switch Debian links in sources.list to .onion

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