Whonix on Mac M1 (ARM)

That is really complex. Not your suggestion but overall secure network time synchronization design is really complex.

This chapter might explain it best.

To discuss this further, please open a dedicated forum thread for that or use sdwdate and sdwdate-gui development thread.

That should probably be the default.

Funny thing, it is the default in Qemu according to what I read, and there is not mention of the setting in the UTM plist file for Whonix to change it. I guess it is something UTM changed in their code for the bundled qemu helper?

Will look at the info for swdate you linked, thank you.

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OK, this is odd. I do not see anything in the plists for Whonix about time, but in the qemu options it shows -rtc base=localtime being passed to qemu. I have no idea where this setting is coming from. I was able to add -rtc base=utc, but it seems like a bad solution to have both settings passed to qemu. I will contact UTM developer and see if it is something he puts in.

There is already an issue with UTM project for this. https://github.com/utmapp/UTM/issues/3104

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Hi could anyone share the UTM files for whonix gateway and workstation please? Thank you :slight_smile:

Maybe ready image for all?

I built version and still have the gz files for UTM.


For there to be ready images, someone trusted by the developers and therefore the community would need to sign the builds. Otherwise, someone could put anything in the built images.


thank you all for this amazing build, I also got it working in mac M1 with UTM

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You are the best :+1: :+1: :+1: Thank you

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