Whonix on Mac M1 (ARM) - User Support (still unsupported at time of writing)

Not a Whonix specific issue most likely.

Any similar .plist file would likely cause the same issue with other operating systems such as Debian too. This needs to be investigated as per Generic Bug Reproduction.

Okay thank you, i appreciate it, i will manually update everyboot.

Is there anyway to changed the networking mode for whonix on apple silicon “UTM”. I have a VPN on the host OS and I do not want whonix to connect to the hosts VPN. Aim is to connect whonix directly to clearnet is this possible?

I suggest to remove the Whonix specific part of the question and widen your search.

You basically want to ask:

How to exclude a UTM VM from a host VPN on mac?

Since UTM is based on QEMU…

How to exclude QEMU VM from a host VPN on mac?

And since QEMU is also a normal application… Even this might work…

How to exclude an application from a host VPN on mac?

This is unspecific to Whonix.

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Will adding this to the plist configuration file effect the special networking that is preconfigured?

I did what you said and tried to figure out how to avoid whonix gateway avoid the host is VPN. Utm needs to be put in to bridged mode so it can connect directly to the default network adaptor.

For anyone else having this problem. Double check the plist configuration files, if RTC has local time to true changed it to false, then whonix gateway and workstation will default to UTC.

It would really help to post this with the proper formatting. Not that I would have more insights but generally you get better result answers if you put more effort into drafting the question as per General Advice.

Will adding this to the plist configuration file effect the special networking that is preconfigured?

bridged networking:
Warning: Bridged Networking

I wasn’t aware it incorrectly formatted.

I guess it isn’t worth messing around with the networking side off things…

Its been a long time since i have tried building this again. Tried to follow the build guide to every detail. But seems like i have missed something or something went wrong.

I have the build log but not sure where to share it now that anonpaste.org is down.

but from what i can see from the build it fails around here:

+ printf ' %s*%s Enabling force option (-F) for mkfs.ext* tool as requested via --force switch.\n' 'e[32;01m' 'e[0m'
 e[32;01m*e[0m Enabling force option (-F) for mkfs.ext* tool as requested via --force switch.
+ LAST_E_CMD=einfon
+ return 0
+ return 0
+ '[' -n mkfs.ext4 ']'
+ '[' mkfs.ext4 = mkfs.ext4 ']'
+ case "$RELEASE" in
+ '[' -n mkfs.ext4 ']'
+ '[' mkfs.ext4 = mkfs.ext4 ']'
+ case "$RELEASE" in
+ '[' -n mkfs.ext4 ']'
+ '[' -n /dev/mapper/loop0p1 ']'
+ einfo 'Running mkfs.fat  -F on /dev/mapper/loop0p1'
+ einfon 'Running mkfs.fat  -F on /dev/mapper/loop0p1\n'
+ '[' '' '!=' yes ']'
+ '[' einfon = ebegin ']'
+ printf ' %s*%s Running mkfs.fat  -F on /dev/mapper/loop0p1\n' 'e[32;01m' 'e[0m'
 e[32;01m*e[0m Running mkfs.fat  -F on /dev/mapper/loop0p1
+ LAST_E_CMD=einfon
+ return 0
+ return 0
+ mkfs.fat -n EFI /dev/mapper/loop0p1
mkfs.fat 4.2 (2021-01-31)
+ einfo 'Running mkfs.ext4  -F -L LINUX on /dev/mapper/loop0p3p3'
+ einfon 'Running mkfs.ext4  -F -L LINUX on /dev/mapper/loop0p3p3\n'
+ '[' '' '!=' yes ']'
+ '[' einfon = ebegin ']'
+ printf ' %s*%s Running mkfs.ext4  -F -L LINUX on /dev/mapper/loop0p3p3\n' 'e[32;01m' 'e[0m'
 e[32;01m*e[0m Running mkfs.ext4  -F -L LINUX on /dev/mapper/loop0p3p3
+ LAST_E_CMD=einfon
+ return 0
+ return 0
+ mkfs.ext4 -F -L LINUX /dev/mapper/loop0p3p3
mke2fs 1.47.0 (5-Feb-2023)
The file /dev/mapper/loop0p3p3 does not exist and no size was specified.
++ error_handler
++ last_exit_code=1
++ last_bash_command='"$MKFS" $MKFS_OPTS "$TARGET"'
++ echo 'Unexpected non-zero exit code 1 in /usr/sbin/grml-debootstrap /usr/sbin/grml-debootstrap /usr/sbin/grml-debootstrap at line 1322 2168 0 detected!
last bash command: "$MKFS" $MKFS_OPTS "$TARGET"'
Unexpected non-zero exit code 1 in /usr/sbin/grml-debootstrap /usr/sbin/grml-debootstrap /usr/sbin/grml-debootstrap at line 1322 2168 0 detected!
last bash command: "$MKFS" $MKFS_OPTS "$TARGET"
++ command -v bailout
++ bailout 1
++ eend 1
++ local retval=1
++ shift
++ '[' 1 -gt 0 ']'
++ printf ' %s-> Failed (rc=%s)%s\n' 'e[31;01m' 1 'e[0m'
 e[31;01m-> Failed (rc=1)e[0m
++ return 1

and then i get this error:

last_failed_bash_command: $SUDO_TO_ROOT --preserve-env $DEBOOTSTRAP_PREFIX dist_build_multiarch_package_item="$dist_build_target_arch" bash -x -e "$dist_build_grml_bin" --debopt "$dist_build_debopt" --arch "$dist_build_target_arch" --filesystem "$dist_build_file_system" --vmefi --force --hostname "$dist_build_hostname" --nopassword --release "$dist_build_apt_stable_release" --keep_src_list --verbose --vmfile --vmsize "$VMSIZE" --packages "$source_code_folder_dist/grml_packages" --mntpoint "$dist_grml_mount_point" --target "$binary_image_raw"
++ unset error_reason
++ '[' ERR = INT ']'
++ '[' ERR = TERM ']'
++ '[' ERR = ERR ']'
++ '[' '!' 0 = 0 ']'
++ true 'INFO: dist_build_auto_retry set to 0 (--retry-max). No auto retry.'
++ unset dist_build_auto_retry_counter
++ true
++ ignore_error=false
++ answer=
++ '[' ERR = ERR ']'
++ '[' '' = true ']'
++ '[' -t 0 ']'
++ true 'INFO: stdin connected to terminal, using interactive error handler.'
++ true 'ERROR: An issue in ././build-steps.d/3200_create-raw-image has been detected!

Please READ this message carefully.

Copying/pasting/screenshotting this error message alone will not be insightful, and no help can be provided with it alone as it does not contain comprehensive information by itself. Instead, please scroll up and review the block encapsulated within ### for more detailed information.

For support queries, it is essential to, at minimum, provide the portion of the log located above this message containing the actual error details. In many instances, providing a longer segment or the entire log may be necessary for an effective diagnosis.

Regrettably, assistance cannot be provided without the aforementioned details.


Choose either option A), B), C) or D).

 - A) Press c and press enter to bypass this error and continue with the build. (For Developers Only!) (Strongly discouraged for regular users as it may lead to unstable builds! Please refrain from reporting any issues encountered subsequently!)
 - B) Press r and enter to retry.
 - C) Press s and enter to initiate a chroot interactive shell. (For Developers Only!)
 - D) Press a and enter to abort.'

Hopefully this is enough or else i need to share the build log somewhere else?

No further logs required.

Well tried building using the command:

$ ~/derivative-maker/derivative-maker --flavor whonix-gateway-xfce --target utm --arch arm64 --tb open --repo true --vmsize 15G

still get the same error. Tell me if you need any logs from me or anything i can do to make this work. Or if i should wait until this is resolved.

Tried with build got a new fault.

+ sudo --non-interactive --preserve-env=tbb_version,tb_onion,tpo_downloader_debug,tb_disable_anon_ws_dnf_conf,anon_shared_inst_tb,SKIP_SCRIPTS,SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH,dist_aptgetopt_file,dist_build_sources_list_primary,dist_mmdebstrap_build_sources_list_primary,dist_build_sources_list_primary_contents,dist_build_apt_sources_mirror,dist_build_apt_stable_release,dist_build_target_arch,dist_grml_mount_point,dist_source_help_steps_folder,dist_build_multiarch_package_item,dist_build_unsafe_io,dist_build_version,derivative_maker,user_name,LD_PRELOAD,LANG,LC_ALL,TZ,DEBDEBUG,XZ_OPT,REPO_PROXY,APTGETOPT,apt_unattended_opts,DERIVATIVE_APT_REPOSITORY_OPTS,DEBOOTSTRAP,http_proxy,https_proxy,ALL_PROXY,DEBIAN_FRONTEND,DEBIAN_PRIORITY,DEBCONF_NOWARNINGS,APT_LISTCHANGES_FRONTEND,INITRD apt-get -o Acquire::http::Proxy= -o Acquire::https::Proxy= -o Acquire::tor::Proxy= -o APT::Update::Error-Mode=any -o Acquire::Languages=none -o Acquire::IndexTargets::deb::Contents-deb::DefaultEnabled=false -o Apt::Install-Recommends=false -o Acquire::Retries=5 -o Dpkg::Options::=--force-confnew -o Dir::Etc::sourcelist=/home/parallels/derivative-maker/build_sources/debian_stable_current_clearnet.list -o Dir::Etc::sourceparts=- --no-install-recommends --yes install signify-openbsd osslsigncode systemd-container sudo ronn diffutils debhelper dctrl-tools dialog haveged devscripts git reprepro libfile-fcntllock-perl config-package-dev dh-apparmor dh-python build-essential lintian gawk bash-completion grep debian-archive-keyring vbindiff lsb-release pv python3-all-dev python3-stdeb time cowbuilder strip-nondeterminism mktorrent transmission-cli apt-transport-tor python3 gnupg2 apt-cacher-ng fakeroot mmdebstrap arch-test fakechroot fakeroot gpg libdistro-info-perl mount uidmap apt-transport-https apt-transport-tor apt-utils binfmt-support ca-certificates debootstrap distro-info-data dpkg-dev perl-doc proot qemu-user qemu-user-static squashfs-tools-ng squashfs-tools xorriso grub-efi-amd64-bin grub-efi-amd64-signed mtools grml-debootstrap kpartx mksh parted qemu-utils dosfstools zerofree signify-openbsd codecrypt curl moreutils rsstail rsync stunnel4 socat fasttrack-archive-keyring lsof coreutils live-build
Reading package lists... Done
Building dependency tree... Done
Reading state information... Done
Package grub-efi-amd64-bin is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

Package grub-efi-amd64-signed is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source

E: Package 'grub-efi-amd64-bin' has no installation candidate
E: Package 'grub-efi-amd64-signed' has no installation candidate
++ exception_handler_general ERR
++ last_failed_exit_code=100
++ last_failed_bash_command='$SUDO_TO_ROOT apt-get ${APTGETOPT[@]} -o Dir::Etc::sourcelist="$dist_build_sources_list_primary" -o Dir::Etc::sourceparts="-" $apt_unattended_opts --no-install-recommends --yes install $packages_to_be_installed'
++ output_cmd_set
++ '[' -o xtrace ']'
++ output_cmd=true
++ true 'INFO: Middle of function exception_handler_general of ././build-steps.d/1200_prepare-build-machine.'
++ exception_handler_process_shared ERR
++ last_script=././build-steps.d/1200_prepare-build-machine
++ trap_signal_type_previous=
++ '[' '' = '' ']'
++ trap_signal_type_previous=unset
++ trap_signal_type_last=ERR
++ dist_build_error_counter=1
+++ benchmarktimeend 1702253016
++++ date +%s
+++ benchmarktimeend=1702253021
+++ benchmark_took_seconds=5
++++ convertsecs 5
++++ local h m s
++++ (( h=5/3600 ))
++++ true
++++ (( m=(5%3600)/60 ))
++++ true
++++ (( s=5%60 ))
++++ printf '%02d:%02d:%02d\n' 0 0 5
+++ echo 00:00:05
++ benchmark_took_time=00:00:05
++ local first
++ read -r first _
++ process_backtrace_function
++ true 'INFO: BEGIN: process_backtrace_function'
++ '[' -o xtrace ']'
++ set +x
++ true 'INFO: END  : process_backtrace_function'
++ function_trace_function
++ true 'INFO: BEGIN: function_trace_function'
++ '[' -o xtrace ']'
++ set +x
++ true 'INFO: END  : function_trace_function'
++ output_cmd_set
++ '[' -o xtrace ']'
++ output_cmd=true
++ true '

Seems the script is trying to download grub-efi-amd64-bin when i am building this on a arm system. And using --arch arm64 as a flag. Not sure if this is supposed to happen?

I didn’t say it’s fixed.

Guess i will wait a bit and follow the development forward.

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Managed to build on version just wanted to mention it and managed to make it work after some utm problems. I have not tried to build the newest version yet. But will try in a few days.

Hopefully in the future a virtualbox vm will be available to apple silicon chipset in the future (That is stable). But for now at least i just got to live with UTM.

That being said, maybe one time i might try to build this for KVM just to see what really is the difference in settings compared too UTM. Sounds interesting. But i hope virtualbox will be done soonish.

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