Whonix on IOS Issues/Questions

I recently downloaded a fresh copy of virtualbox and whonix as per the virtualbox instructions on this site. Everything was set up and running smoothly initially, until I installed the tor browser update on the whonix workstation. Now, when I boot up the gateway, and then the workstation and click “tor browser” on the workstation, the tor browser won’t load at all. Won’t even start. My questions are as follows:

  1. How do I get the tor browser do start? Is something wrong now?

  2. How do i ensure that the gateway is routing traffic to the work station? Does virtualbox do this for me? Nothing else required except follow the brief instructions contained on this site?

  3. Running my VPN in the background. I have PIA VPN, and it loads up upon booting up the computer and before I even open up virtualbox. Is this okay?


1. Might just be easiest to reinstall Whonix 14 (which you’re running, right?)

2. Yes - once you follow basic instructions, change user / root passwords, update the VMs, snapshot those clean GW and WS images for the nasty Internet, start them up, run whonixcheck to check all is well, and ensure your Tor Browser is up-to-date and properly has JavaScript in a headlock etc, then all is well.

3. Yes, this config is seen often. Meaning VPN will be in the chain. VPNs + Tor can worsen anonymity though - hotly debated topic which I’m not getting into (I wouldn’t use IMO)

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