Whonix on distrowatch

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First impressions of Whonix

Whonix offers bug bounties

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Nice to see that Whonix was included in DW. Seems to be trending quite fast as well, if the statistics are anything to go by.

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On the other hand Whonix does have potential drawbacks. Should the Whonix virtual machine be compromised then it will continue to be compromised each time it is used since it has persistent storage. A user could get around this by destroying and re-importing the appliance on a regular basis, but this is something that must be done manually.

Incorrect but not Whonix-specific. VirtualBox allows for immutable images. Nice tutorial in @tempest’s Guide.

It may not protect the user as completely as a dedicated privacy live CD, but it is certainly appealing for casual use.

:astonished: Lots of de-anonymizing attacks since 7/2013 (Whonix ™ Protection against Real World Attacks). Maybe reviewer will reconsider his conclusion…