Whonix mentioned on Wired

That’s good news. Patrick maybe you should post this on the home age somewhere as a vote of confidence - not that you need it. :slight_smile:

Want to become a blog author?

Sure. I think I have something ready to post about this.

The Whonix Project has been given special mention on Wired.com - a major technology new site on the internet.

I would like to thank our users who have spread the word. The more people who use Whonix the more testing it gets, which allows the project to grow and improve and encourages new contributors to join our effort.

Please register for News - Whonix Forum.

Please tell me how, I dont see a signup section.

Sorry. Registration link is here:

Making it visible on blog home page is yet another item for the todo list.

I’m signed up but I don’t have posting rights on there I think.

Yeah. That’s step two.

You should have posting rights now. Made you an author. (We can also talk about other available roles.)

Links dead, but I’m interested to know more.

Corrected link:

I’m interested in Editor position if you permit. I realised that my post didn’t appear on the homepage is there any way to change that?

It’s on the homepage now. Happened automatically. The mediawiki rss extension only runs every 30 minutes or 60 minutes or so. Also cache settings might make a difference. However, once logged in and once anonymous I saw it one homepage.

Made you editor.