Whonix live mode / amnesia / amnesic / non-persistent / anti-forensics

How now set Read-only Mode for VM?

This manual no longer work /wiki/VM_Live_Mode/Read_Only_Mode_Hard_Drive

It is also impossible to start VM with live mode on host. There is an error VERR_DISK_FULL

Not whonix issue:

“I thought it was the VirtualBox’s vdi hard disk drive that was full, but it was much easier. Just a “df -h” and I realized that my host disk was full!”

cc @Patrick maybe we can add this to:

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Anyone can use the live mod with the recent changes to AHCI? I can’t.

With VB 6.1.18 everything worked great. But wit VB 6.1.2 and with AHCI I can’t start a whonix VB in a live mode with live mode on host.

My disk has enough free space. When I used VB 6.1.18 with LisLogic SAS live mode on the host worked well and I was able to start whonix VB with a live mode on the host. But now when live mode is on on the host I got this error - VERR_DISK_FULL
Also now is impossible to switch AHCI VB to read only.

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Never mind VB issued version 6.1.22 with fixed LsiLogic SAS problem.

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Thanks for reporting the bug, Though im getting different error message:(Debian host)


and debian didnt yet upgraded vbox in sid yet to .22:


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As noticed in above forum thread, /boot isn’t write protected. Any idea how /boot could also be covered?

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grub-live ported to dracut would be great!

Debian feature request
Boot existing Host Operating System or VM into Live Mode (grub-live)

replacing initramfs-tools with dracut

grub-live dracut support has been implemented.

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When this becomes available will it be used in very much the same way one would use tails? Burn onto usb or dvdr then use it as an OS like tails?

This feature is already available. See links to wiki (edit) in initial post in this forum thread.

Thanks for getting back. But isn’t there something still in development where we would be able to boot a usb stick or DVD and it will take us straight into the whonix environment? Whonix live ISO or something…Without using any virtual machine? If so is it ready for end users yet? Thanks again for response :grin:

You can combine


That’s the most you can get for now.



Cool… well I’d happily donate towards it I think it’s a great idea and am in full support of it. Unfortunately though with my lack of technical knowledge I can’t be of much help in that area :tired_face: