Whonix KVM on a Kicksecure Host Operating System - broken connectivity

i first have setup kicksecure for debian (host)
i after have setup the kvm whonix and the gateway can’t connect to tor or the workstation can’t connect to the gateway
i have rebooted the host and the user is in the right groups
i have enabled icmp for gateway firewall and it didn’t fix

I think this topic should be posted on the kicksecure forums. Your problem implies that the virtual networking brdiges are either deactivated or not setup.

Checj if this is what’s happening under:
VMM → Edit → Connection Details → Virtual Networks

whonix-internal virbr2 and whonix-external virbr1 (, dhcp disabled, forwarding nat) both active and autostart

default autostart and active and nat

i have installed debian, after kicksecure, all the steps listed in wiki
after i have installed kvm whonix, all the steps listed in wiki
my kvm whonix is the kvm whonix listed in wiki no different steps

And I’d sent back from Kicksecure forums to here full cycle.

Kicksecure doesn’t do anything that breaks Whonix KVM. That would have been known during development of Whonix-Host.


The Ouroboros of tech support. Still rarely happens in Unix land :grimacing:

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