Whonix-KVM after some time of inactivity request User login - unwanted automatic logout

This is intentional? (in WS & GW)

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By comparison, Whonix VirtualBox does not do this.

How to disable this by clicking/changing some settings?

Once that is figured out, it might be possible to translate this setting into settings file that gets installed by default.

There is problem in whonix-kvm build process for the latest image which installed tons of extra gnome packages, this happened after shifting to gdm.

I dunno who done the build but latest whonix-kvm image is bad.

This is a KVM specific issue.
Not happening inside VirtualBox.

Unspecified? You mean Whonix / Kicksecure KVM - Point Release? That is latest for KVM at time of writing.

Whonix / Kicksecure KVM - Point Release versus Whonix - for VirtualBox - Point Release! should be the same, I doubt there are big differences?

Whonix - for VirtualBox - Point Release! has no Whonix KVM equivalent (yet?).

Unfortunately this was required due to:

This implies there is an issue while building Whonix KVM but not while building Whonix VirtualBox?
If so, what are the extra packages in Whonix KVM that are not installed in Whonix VirtualBox?

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Yes this one.

Something is not correct in the kvm one.


I saw gnome-evince in GW, also gnome package which showing user login/logout… (cant remember package name) also there, and im sure if i dig more i will find more.

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Looks same as the screenshot as found on Debian -- Details of package gdm3 in bullseye

So it’s a GNOME Display Manger gdm3 auto logout issue that is only happening in Whonix KVM.

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