Whonix / Kicksecure KVM Released


Also Kicksecure KVM’s broken networking should be fixed not. Please give it a try.






whonixcheck reports transport is not accessible on both gw and ws. I can’t connect a lot of things that depend on it like matrix and email.

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I need exact error messages. Try:

whonixcheck --verbose --leak-tests

Also I don’t see how this version could have introduced KVM specific connectivity issues.

Upgraded previous-stable version of Whonix KVM didn’t break either?

Some tests here are useful (except bridges test): Testers Wanted!

Tested Kicksecure KVM on a manjaro host, networking working without problems.

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[INFO] [whonixcheck] SocksPort IP Leak Test: Testing Tor's SocksPort...
[INFO] [whonixcheck] SocksPort IP Leak Test: Connected to Tor. 
[INFO] [whonixcheck] TransPort IP Leak Test: Testing Tor's TransPort...
[ERROR] [whonixcheck] TransPort Test Result: Tor's TransPort was not reachable.
It is normal for this error to temporarily occur.
(curl exit code: [6] - [Couldn't resolve host. The given remote host was not resolved.])
[ERROR] [whonixcheck] Stream Isolation Test: Skipped, because TransPort test failed! Can not test stream isolation.
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Debian Package Update Check: Checking for software updates via apt-get... ( Documentation: https://www.whonix.org/wiki/Update )
[WARNING] [whonixcheck] Debian Package Update Check Result: Could not check for software updates! (apt-get code: 100)
Please manually check:
(Open a terminal, Start Menu -> System -> Terminal.)
sudo apt-get-update-plus dist-upgrade
[INFO] [whonixcheck] Please donate!

I always just go for the new image and don’t test point release upgrades.

Please try these tests (written just now):

Let me know what works and what’s broken.

/etc/resolv.conf matches same as git version


Was completely blank for some reason. Now works after pasting the settings you linked to. Should I still run the tests or is the problem clear?

Also note that the whonixcheck eaktest on the GW gives a similar error but not in a red font. Maybe it’s normal for the transport not to be accessible on there? It doesn’t make a difference to my usecases.

Tests from my previous reply not required for now but I have other questions.

  • Any ignored error during build?
  • Does file /etc/resolv.conf.whonix exist?
  • Are packages
    • non-qubes-whonix-workstation-xfce
    • whonix-ws-network-conf
    • whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies-pre
    • whonix-workstation-packages-dependencies-cli


dpkg -l | grep whonix-ws-network-conf

→ TransPort

Very much case-senstive. It refers to this:

Related to transparent proxying.

Quote Whonix-Gateway Traffic: Transparent Proxying

Whonix-Gateway ™ has by default no transparent proxying feature.

Nothing I’m aware of. no

Yes but also empty. When opening with nano it says “Read 0 lines” rather than new file.

Yes all of them.

Does this breakage warrant a new release? I’m worried a lot of users will just give up.

dpkg -l | grep whonix-ws-network-conf
ii whonix-ws-network-conf 3:3.2-1 all Network Configuration for Whonix-Workstation

OK I’m referring to it.

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Certainly a release critical bug.

What branch is safe to build without any showstoppers?

None yet. Since it didn’t happen in VirtualBox version, there’s nothing virtualizer specific as far as I can see, and I don’t have a build log to see what messed with resolv.conf.



Hopefully fixed. Untested.

Major changes:

  • moved to gitlab.com
  • physical isolation build fix
  • other platforms build fix
  • monero-gui can be uninstalled
  • /etc/resolv.conf fix
  • enable export QMLSCENE_DEVICE=softwarecontext also for KVM
  • upgrade to Whonix logo 2020 version
  • upgrade monero-gui
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