whonix & kicksecure firewall question

Hi there I have a small question.

On Whonix Homepage you say Kicksecure is implementedd in Whonix.

Whonix has Custom Firewall that is very advanced and strong.

Kicksecure has NO firewall at all not even iptables.

I change nothing on Whonix Firewall cz its already perfect but Kicksecure u have to install iptables that is most basic thing on every debian.

Why not use this awsome Custom Whonix Firewall in both?

I donate to ur project cz this is amazing work thanks.

Thank you!

Kicksecure firewall isn’t done. So many things are not.

Whonix firewall has too much rules specific to Tor traffic redirection so it cannot be simply copied over.

https://forums.kicksecure.com is now online.